{ooa} my snuggle-bug

January has been a huge break for me! I have been having company and getting ready for even more company to come! Once in a while you need to just STOP and really LIVE!!! That has been me as of late. Spending time with my amazing family and also getting married again to my loving husband (more on this later)!!! In the meantime here is my bestie and my snuggle-bug Baxter! He really is my little love and means the world to me! He initially was bought from the Humane Society for my Grandmother whom I was very close to back in 1999. After she had passed he made his way home…to me in AZ! He is a Maine Coon kitty and more like a dog-cat than any. Sometimes when you look into your pets eyes you know they just GET you…and he “GETS” me! He is always there to protect me all night long and be my #1 fan! So here’s to everyone having at least ONE snuggle-bug!!!

Much love.katina

  1. k

    January 22nd, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    ooohhh you kissy, kissy, kissy kitty! luv you, batty!